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Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month! This month is an opportunity to celebrate the cultures, heritage, and achievements of people of Asian origin in Canada.

To mark this occasion, CMHA Vancouver-Fraser wants to shine a spotlight on our mental health programs offered in Chinese.

Our Chinese Mental Health Promotion program is designed to improve the mental wellness of Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking Chinese seniors. The program promotes wellness through education, including activities and workshops on wellness strategies and reducing the stigma around mental illness. Participants also enhance their wellness through recreational and leisure activities such as dance, exercise, painting, singing and drama.

The Chinese Wellness and Social Group, an inclusive community originating from ECHO Clubhouse, is tailored for individuals proficient in Cantonese or Mandarin. The group provides a supportive platform for forging meaningful connections, fostering friendships, de-stigmatization of mental health, and enhancing overall wellness. Embracing diversity and cultural exchange, the group a welcoming environment where members can not only participate in community engagement but also embark on a journey of linguistic enrichment.

To learn more about these programs please visit the pages linked below!

Chinese Mental Health Promotion

ECHO Clubhouse

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