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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

A Canada where mental health is a universal human right.

Our Mission

We are transforming mental health and wellness practice for individuals, communities, and organizations, through programs and services that are rooted in innovation, inclusion and collaboration.

Core Priorities: People First

We are here to help people. Our programs and services are intended to improve people’s lives. It is people – our team members, partners, volunteers and donors – who make that support possible.


We apply an intersectional lens to what we do. We see mental health at the core of individual wellness, our work is informed by those with lived experience and we create an inclusive space for everyone and their unique self-identity.


We create inclusive and safe spaces to access and engage in/with our programs and services.


We take strategic initiative to explore new knowledge, expand our programs, services and capacity to reach and help more people.


We build positive relationships with organizations to connect people to the support they need wherever they are on their journey.

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