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Participant and Family Voices Committee

What is the Participant and Family Voices Committee?

The Participant and Family Voices Committee (PFVC) is ‎a committee of the Vancouver-Fraser Branch of CMHA.

Why does PFVC exist?

We create an inclusive space where a diversity of voices are heard. The CMHA Vancouver-Fraser Branch recognizes that participants and family members hold the expertise in understanding mental health and inclusivity. When participants and family members are able to lead and support change at a policy and planning level, it will be better equipped to create space within CMHA-VF that benefits mental health.

Who makes up PFVC?

The Participant and Family Voices committee is made up of current or past participants of Canadian Mental Health Association Vancouver-Fraser Branch programs.  We are group of engaged participants, family members, staff and board members working to create a space in the CMHA-VF where participants and family members lead change. We are working collectively through reflective and open dialogue to ensure stigma is addressed through education and connection. Our committee contributes to the ongoing development of policy, programming and evaluation of CMHA-VF.

For more information or to get involved please email:

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