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There are over 10,000 children, youth, adults and seniors living in Vancouver-Fraser who are living with a serious mental illness or experiencing daily mental health challenges. You are creating a sense of hope, belonging and a brighter future when you donate to CMHA Vancouver-Fraser.

We are asking for your help TODAY to provide accessibility to the mental health support that we all deserve.

You can make a one-time gift or consider becoming a monthly donor. Your donation will help us provide:

Impact of Your Donations

Your donation will help us provide:

Critical referral services and virtual peer support for accessing mental illness and mental wellness resources.

Delivery of programs both virtually and in person, ensuring that participants continue to have the critical support they require to live mentally healthy lives.

Honour a friend or loved one with a Tribute Gift

A tribute gift is a wonderful way to honour a loved one. We will notify family members when you make a tribute gift.

Host a Community-Led Event

We love to support community groups and organizations who want to raise funds for mental health! Our team will assist you in promoting your event, selling tickets and taking donations online so you can focus on the event itself. Please complete this form to tell us about your fundraiser!

Leave a Legacy

If you don’t find the kind of donation you want to make or the right fit for you, or if you would like to make a gift of securities, life insurance, or make a bequest as part of preparing a will, please contact Penaaz Sidhu, Manager of Fundraising, at 778-385-3638 or

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