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June 1: Global Day of Parents

June 1 is Global Day of Parents! This UN observance day is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the selflessness and commitment that parents have towards their children.

At CMHA Vancouver-Fraser, we understand that mental health struggles can impact anyone – from children to parents. Our Urban Resilience Opportunities for Kids (UROK) program helps to build resiliency and instill confidence in children who live with a caregiver affected by mental illness. Through monthly recreation outings, children and youth create connections while engaging in fun activities while parents/guardians can take a well-deserved break.

Hear from some of our participants’ parents on the positive impact UROK:

“UROK gives me otherwise unaffordable time for self care.  Even if I can’t afford to send my son out with friends for an activity, I know once a month he has UROK and his friends in the group for a day out. Which then means a break for us both as we are [together] pretty much every single day otherwise.” – UROK Parent 

“…UROK groups increase my time for self-care. [It’s] very important for me to know that my child is safe and in good hands with a group of people that I can trust. It really reduces my stress, anxiety, and depression.” – UROK Parent

“When my daughter is participating in the group, I don’t need to worry about her wellbeing, which allows me to focus on my own needs.” – UROK Parent

To learn more about UROK, please click here.

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