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Peer Navigator Program Expansion into Burnaby

We have some exciting news! Our Peer Navigator Program is expanding into Burnaby in early 2024 thanks to funding from TD Bank Group. This low-barrier program is designed to help people struggling with mental health and/or substance use issues navigate and access social services such as health and wellness support, legal assistance, and housing. The social services system is complex and very hard to understand, therefore many people who need access to care do not have the appropriate service(s) available to them.

The Peer Navigator Program addresses this systemic problem through pairing program participants with people who have gone through the same system and know how to navigate it. These individuals, called ‘Peer Navigators’, help their participants by walking shoulder-to-shoulder alongside them as they navigate services and take the next steps in their recovery journey.

The purpose of the Peer Navigator Team is to help program participants achieve their self-determined goals, get access to resources, hone their self-advocacy skills, and build their personal autonomy so that they can realize their potential. We do this by:

One participant shared the following about their experience in the Peer Navigator Program: “I accessed the Peer Navigator Program through information I received at the AAC [Access & Assessment Centre] for the purpose of applying for a PWD [Person with Disabilities] designation. I was surprised at how quickly the program got back to set me up with a peer navigator, and I have found the weekly meetings to be helpful and cover a wider range of support than I anticipated–in addition to help with my application, I have received support in finding community resources, setting up appointments, and talking through some of my difficulties. My peer navigator has been accommodating to my schedule and open to communicating outside of those hours, and it’s extremely valuable to me to have an outside source of support to do all of the little things I put off or have trouble with. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone struggling with mental health who needs help in getting where they need to be!”

To be eligible to participate in the Peer Navigator Program, participants must meet the following criteria:

We are currently getting to know the community in Burnaby and welcome you to participate in our survey understanding mental health and access needs there. Please share this with your friends and colleagues as well. The survey closes November 20th.

In November we will be bringing service providers together to discuss the program and potential collaborations. If you work at a service provider, we encourage you to get in touch!

You can connect with us by reaching out to the Peer Navigator Program Manager (  or Manager of Community Engagement (

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