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Presidents’ Challenge in support of Mental Health

Kevin Erickson, our current Board of Directors President, and Shawn McNaughton, the previous President, are spearheading The Presidents’ Challenge. Their goal? To have a blast while raising essential funds for our mental health initiatives.

Get in step with Kevin Erickson and Shawn McNaughton as they lace up for the 2024 BMO Vancouver Marathon, adding a unique twist by fundraising for mental health alongside their training. They’re not just hitting the pavement; they’re sprinting towards individual goals of raising $10,000 to support our mental health programs.

Your backing plays a pivotal role in our drive to normalize conversations around mental health and enhance support for those in our community. To support their efforts, just click on the links to donate to either Shawn or Kevin.

Donate to Shawn – Here

Donate to Kevin – Here

Sponsor the challenge – Here

For inquiries or sponsorship opportunities, reach out to us at 778-237-5041 or drop us an email at

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