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Here4Peers is a youth-driven, evidence-based, mental health awareness and skill building program which involves training older grade 10-12 “peers” from high schools to facilitate an interactive mental health workshop to grade 7 classrooms in catchment elementary schools.

The program grew out of a unique partnership between the Canadian Mental Health Association Vancouver-Fraser Branch, Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver Police Foundation, City of Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health and the Vancouver School Board with a common goal of developing a youth-oriented and youth-delivered mental health awareness program.

How does it work?

The Here4Peers Program recruits and trains teams of high school students (grades 10-12) to become Here4Peers Youth Facilitators. These Youth Facilitators then facilitate the Here4Peers Youth Mental Health Awareness workshop in teams of three for grade 7 students who are experiencing both: a transition into adolescence, and a transition to high school. The workshops are supervised, and designed to be interactive, utilizing challenges, games, discussion groups and media to engage participants.

The Here4Peers Workshop goals are to:

Since 2017, over 541 Youth Facilitators have been trained to deliver the workshop.

Over 303 Here4Peers Workshops have been delivered during this time.

In 2021-22, we reached 992 students across the Greater Vancouver Region.

If you are interested in receiving the workshops in your school, please contact the Here4Peers program at

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia, Diamond Foundation, SurreyCares

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