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Resilient Minds™

The Resilient Minds™ program engages and informs first responders in four crucial areas relevant to their work: trauma, psychological distress, trauma-informed responses and building resiliency.
Resilient Minds™ uses the 4R Action Toolkit to build skills needed to reduce personal risks related to psychological impacts, and assist colleagues, family, or members of the public who may be struggling with a mental health problem or be in a crisis.

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Program Outline

Resilient Minds™ is a 8-hour workshop, however, each learning module can be delivered in 2 hours. A brief description and learning objectives for each of the four modules are outlined below.

Learning Module One
Psychological Trauma – Awareness and Understanding

Fire staff will learn the definition of resilience, stress and trauma, the various responses a healthy human may experience after a stressful or traumatic event, followed by assessment and intervention practices to mitigate the negative impacts of trauma, psychological distress, and disorder.


Learning Module Two
Psychological Trauma – Potential Risks and Strategies

Psychological trauma is explored further – through the application of the 4R Action Toolkit, fire staff will learn the importance of early recognition and early intervention to prevent a moderate to severe mental health problem from developing.


Learning Module Three
Responding with Respect – Psychological Distress & Disorder

Fire staff will develop a basic understanding of psychological health and psychological disorders and the definition and importance of a trauma-informed response. They will learn to apply the 4R Action Toolkit to effectively communicate and appropriately respond to a citizen, colleague, family member experiencing a mental health problem/crisis.


Learning Module Four
Managing Workplace Stress and Building Resiliency

Fire staff will explore the risk factors and impact of workplace/life stress and will learn to strengthen their resiliency by building valuable and helpful coping strategies.


The two delivery options are;

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