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2023 Michael James Greene Charity Memorial Golf Tournament

Participating in the Annual Michael James Greene Charity Memorial Golf Tournament, held on August 17, 2023, to honor the memory of Mike Greene, has filled us with immense gratitude. In this second year, the Greene Family once again successfully raised essential funds for our mental health causes, with all proceeds directed toward benefiting our Here4Peers program (mental health education for youth) and the Team Up workshop (aimed at preventing suicide among hockey players) in Delta. Their combined efforts yielded crucial support, filling a much-needed gap. Their unwavering dedication and the creation of such a heartfelt gathering for friends and family leaves us humbled and inspired. Thank you to Kim and Louise Greene and all who supported them and CMHA, Vancouver-Fraser for embodying the role of exceptional champions of hope for us.

You also have the opportunity to fundraise on our behalf and join the ranks of Champions of Hope. This initiative is tailored for those remarkable individuals who stand behind mental health support. As a Champion, you have the freedom to create and host your own fundraising event or project—anything, anywhere*, and at any time—selecting CMHA, Vancouver Fraser as the beneficiary to receive the proceeds. Learn more here.

*If you live in North or West Vancouver, may we suggest that you contact your CMHA branch there to discuss their programs, services, and fundraising needs.

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